Hello, we are PeerSpots

We are a Startup Studio with focus on Travel & Leisure.

We partner with niche communities based on their members' hobbies and interests.
We connect the enthusiasts to their unique spots, immersive experiences and curated products.

We do it through our technology, product strategy and community building.

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Community-based Portfolio:

Perfect Days

Perfect Days
Have a great day with a 2-min preparation.

Oliva & Med

Altice Oliva & Med
Live the Mediterranean lifestyle by discovering Olive Oil


Surfing Ecosystem Mapped
Coming soon


Making wine travel easy and memorable

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Whey we are, who we are?

We are a Startup Studio & Media company with a global reach.PeerSpots aspires to become a global reference for digitally connected niche communities.

We partner with communities with the goal of building or fostering a community of enthusiasts. A thriving membership base ready to create unforgettable memories.Connecting like-minded people to their memorable experiences.

The Team

Our combined experiences are coupled with the professional depth and resolve. It enables us to work in extremely demanding and competitive markets.Our founders and partners are passionate life learners and are committed to making a difference in community-led initiatives.We want to create a distinctive ecosystem that empowers risk-taking.

One that will also represent a more meaningful and progressive way to collaborate.Always staying lean and agile.And never forget why we built our business in the first place.It isn't easy, as we already know, and the stakes are high.But, as you would expect, we are all in.

Do you work with Brands on specific projects ?

Yes, sometimes we do.Some of the projects we have built together with these niche communities deliver deeper experiences to a brand’s target audience.Connecting them to their immediate surroundings, other like-minded enthusiasts, and to their shared interests.In a time when many media outlets are doubling down on their online activities, we are experiencing long social network fatigue.

"Tribes" are having a big moment, and forward-thinking Brands will help people connect to each other.We are delivering inspiration and a sense of belonging.We do it with our Studio & Agency:→ The Non Code StudioA collective of product strategists, information architects, and no-code experts.

Non Code Studio

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